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How are we different from the large or even MEGA property management companies? First, we treat your property like it was our own. Pricing it right, managing it with a personal touch, and keeping it filled are our goals.

Secondly, we communicate with you in the manner you are most comfortable with – when and how you desire. Whether you are a hands-on client wishing to be informed about everything that goes on with your property, or you want us to handle the nitty gritty on your behalf to keep it stress-free, or perhaps somewhere in between, YOU DECIDE! We will keep in touch as often as you wish, via text, phone call, video chat, email or in person. While larger management firms have their narrowly defined procedures that you must fit within, at Kasitas, we will communicate on your terms.

Communication is the key to success because we only earn a profit when you do

And lastly, our focus is on the details – big and small – like cleanliness, varied marketing techniques, and personalized guest management. These are the things the big guys don’t usually take the time to do right.

Over the years, we’ve successfully managed to maneuver through the tumultuous 21st century of our real estate market to date. There have been successes and failures over the years – all which brought us incredible learning opportunities. Kasitas is ready to share its knowledge of the short-term rental market with you! Come join us today!





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