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No matter your situation, we provide residential cleaning services in the Great Charlotte Area for all budgets and needs.

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Commercial Cleaning

The first thing people notice when entering a building is the flooring. If your floors are dirty and scuffed, it gives people an instant negative impression of your business. That’s why keeping them looking their best is so important. This can be difficult, with dirt and other abrasive soils constantly being tracked inside by your staff and customers. Floors quickly become discolored, scratched, and damaged, with the Winter months being especially harsh on your flooring.

As the first choice for commercial floor cleaning in Charlotte, NC, The Kasitas Team offer solutions to this problem through floor scrubbing, floor buffing, and stripping and waxing your flooring.

Floor Scrubbing

For high-traffic facilities, such as grocery stores, schools, restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, or airports, floor scrubbing is a necessity to ensure your floors are properly maintained. We customize a plan, based on your specific requirements, taking into account the amount of foot traffic and your floor plan, to ensure your floors are always looking your best.

Floor Buffing

Floor buffing is a great way of cleaning and maintaining your facility’s flooring. As an established floor buffing service, we make sure your floors are not only sparkling, but easier to maintain, meaning you spend less time cleaning and save money on additional labor. Floor buffing is a great solution for a cost-effective service that will make your floors SHINE!

How Often Should Floors be Buffed?

Floor buffing is not just to make your floors look great, it also helps with the longevity of your flooring. Ideally, you should be buffing your floors at least once a month, especially for high-traffic facilities. If your facility experiences lower traffic, a bi-monthly buffing schedule will be sufficient.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Even with proper daily and interim cleaning procedures, commercial flooring will eventually need to be restored. When it comes to this, Kasitas is here to make your floors ‘as good as new’! The most effective way to revitalize your dull, worn flooring is to strip and wax your floors.

Why Should You Restore Your Floors?

Restoring your floors protects them from irreversible damage. The cost to replace 1000 square feet of flooring is between $7,000 to $28,000. These replacement procedures are not just costly, but lengthy, preventing your facility from operating as usual.

What is Stripping and Refinishing or Stripping and Waxing?
These two processes are essentially the same procedure. Your floor is protected with a finish that helps prevent the accumulation of dirt, spills, scratches, and other effects of foot traffic. Over time, this finish wears away and will need to be replaced, stripped, or refinished.
Stripping and waxing removes the layers of old wax and dirt and adds a new layer of protective finish to restore your floors to a like-new appearance, whilst protecting them from further damage.

When Should You Strip and Wax a Floor?

Restorative floor care should be completed at least once per year. If your flooring can no longer be returned to its original state after a scrub and recoat, it’s also time to start thinking about stripping and waxing.

Although more labor-intensive than other methods, stripping and waxing your flooring will avoid the cost of replacement and ensure you get many more years out of your floors.

Pro Tip: Stripping and waxing your flooring should occur before Winter begins. Due to the harsh, cold weather and increased contaminants during the Winter season, stripping and waxing can be difficult and provide sub-optimal results. The colder weather can negatively impact how the sealing dries and cause the finish to crack or peel.

Benefits of Stripping and Waxing

Stripping and waxing can be more time-consuming and costly than daily or periodic cleaning, but is a necessity for the longevity and aesthetics of your flooring.

Restorative floor care protects your floors from damage, meaning you are less likely to need to replace your floors. This also makes your floors much easier to clean in the future, ultimately saving you the cost of additional labor. The process also ensures your floors are more hygienic and reduces the likelihood of slip and fall accidents. Restorative floor care can revitalize your floors to their original appearance and retain their shine throughout the year.

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